We offer a full range of servicing and repair work on all bikes, not matter how old or how often the bike has been ridden. One of our highly skilled mechanincs will be on hand to assist you and make sure we get you back riding as soon as possible!

Our Servicing Options

Standard Service


The basic service includes removing the drivetrain and giving it a full clean with our specialist equipment.


The rest the bike will be cleaned and the bike will be assessed for anything that needs replacing.


The standard service labour covers*:


  • Cable and housing replacement if needed.
  • Drivetrain removal and clean/replacement if needed.
  • Tyres checked for wear and replaced if needed.
  • Brakes and gears adjusted as necessary.
  • Minor wheel true.

*Note, replacement parts are at an additional cost.

Essential Extras

Charged where necessary*

Once we have inspected your bike we will then recommend any other parts that need attention. We charge the following as and when they are needed so you don't pay for something you don't need before you've walked in to the shop!


  • Bottom Bracket - £20.00
  • Hub Service - 18.00
  • Major Wheel True - £15.00
  • Brake Bleed - £20.00
  • Wheel Build - £35.00
  • Fit Bar Tape - £10.00
  • Puncture - £6.00
  • Puncture (Hub Gear/Electric Hub) - £15.00
  • Headset Replacement - £20.00
  • Frame/Pivot Bearing Replacement - £50.00

Booking In Your Bike

020 8990 9720

If you would like to book you bike in for a service, you can contact us via the email address or the contact number above.


We aim to get all services done on the day they arrive but cannot guarantee this.


We ask that bikes arrive with us before 11am on the day of the service. If you would like to drop it off to us earlier then please let us know.