Travelling With Your Bike

Packing for a Flight

If you love riding your bike and travelling abroad, let us help you combine the two and make it even easier to prepare for your dream trip.


We are perfectly placed to assist you in safely and securely packaging your bicycle for a flight. With a large car park and free passenger travel to all Heathrow Terminals, all you have to do is bring us your bike, enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofa instore and wait for us to pack your bike in plenty of time for your flight.


We can also deliver the bike to the Terminal you are flying from in time for your flight at a pre-arranged time and place.


We also offer storage of bike box and packaging if you are in the UK for a bike holidy and need somewhere to keep your bike box safe for your journey home.

Box, Bag or Cardboard

Their are an abundance of optios when it comes to packaging your bike for a flight. 


Hardcases are considered to have the highest level of protection and security, but tend to be the heaviest and have the highest price tag, good option if you regularly travel with your bike.


Bike bags are lightweight and easy to store when not in use, tend to be more cost effective than hardcases and may be better if you don't travel that frequently.


Recycled cardboard bike boxes are the perfect option if you don't have anywhere to store your bike box when you arrive at your destination. Lightweight and cheap with plenty of space for additional items if you've packed a little too much for your trip! 

Service Levels and Costs

If you are interested in using our services, please note you must call us well in advance of your trip so we can prepare everything for you. You can contact us on 020 8990 9720, or email us at


Disassembly and Packaging  



Hardcase Hire

£6.00 per day + £100 Security Deposit


Recycled Bikebox + packaging



Delivery to Terminal



Unboxing and Reassembly



Bike Box Storage

£5.00 per day

If you are flying to the UK and want to store your bike box until your return flight we will happily store it for you for a small charge.